Under the wind

I can’t understand why it seems so difficult to choose your cast for the wind.

Why every instructor try to create is own saying: “downstream wind, do this, upstream, do that”. And today I heard the worst: “downstream, single, upstream double or snake”. As my 15’s daughter would say: WTF?

Spey casting problem is the D Loop. All casts have their anchor under your upper hand. If the wind push the line against you, there is much chance the line tangle in the rod, and even get at your ears. So it’s easy, if the wind blows on your right hand, put the anchor on your left side and if it blows on your left hand, set on the right side. Easier, the wind must blow the line away. Take any cast and set the anchor under the wind.

I must say, it won’t always be your first choice. My preferred and stronger cast is the single spey and if I want to cast my longest distance, it’s the one, I’ll try even if the wind is against me. But it never works, practise reverse, it’s mandatory.