Fly casting courses

I offer fly fishing and casting courses for everybody.

I also offer one hand and two hands Spey Casting classes.


The intro courses will gives you a good understanding of the basis of fly casting, we’ll work on the foundation of casting from bottom to top: take off, load and cast. I’ll show you the best way to progress as fast as possible. After this one hour, you will have to cast, cast and cast more to be efficient at fishing but you’ll have the basis to do build on. This session is ideal for casters who like to learn by themselves but don’t want to waste to much time. Then with the videos, you could progress at your own pace.

Complete course

The complete course is intended to give you the best training in the least time. The first session will focus on the basis while the second will return to the same subjects and then go to the advanced casts. The delay in between will help to reinforce the muscle memory at long term.

By experience, I know that a beginner can’t cast more than 2 hours in a row. It’s the reason to do 2 sessions.


  • 1st course
    • take off and load
    • cast
    • roll cast
  • 2nd course
    • more cast
    • turbo cast
    • reverse cast
    • intro to spey

By hour and advanced courses

For all other courses, just say what you want.

Rod and lines

I have many rods from different makers in different size and weight.

Best bring your own rod and I’ll show you how get the best of it.


Description 1 person 2 persons
by hour $100 $150
2 hours intro $150 $200
complet course: 2 hours then 2 hours $250 $350
half-day fishing* $250 $350
full day fishing* $500 $600

*  4/8 hours, not including licences and fishing rights