Casting Movies

Here are a small collection of educational videos demonstrating spey casts.

All of them have an HD version for a better quality, click on the HD logo at the bottom of the viewer.

One Hand Spey Casts

For all of them, I use a very cheap TFO #8 rod and a basic weight forward line.

The leader is 12′, based on 3-3-4 formula so it is 3.5′ of 12 lbs, 3.5′ of 10 lbs, 5′ of 8 lbs.

I have added a video demonstrating the easiest way to get the right length of line out for training purposes

Two Hand Spey Casts

For these casts, I used a cheap TFO Spey rod 12″ #6 and a Scientific Angler Delta line.

The leader is 15′, based on 3-3-4 formula so it is 4.5′ of 15 lbs, 4.5′ of 12 lbs, 6′ of 10 lbs.