Double Spey Reverse One Hand movie


What to look at

In this video, the line is swept downstream by the current. The double spey is done to bring back the line in front of me and prepare the forward cast. Looking at this shot, it seems very easy to lift and bring the line. You must look at the lift with no hurry and as soon as the leader is most out of the water the line is brought upstream. It’s not as easy as it looks like as the line and the rod are strongly pulled by the strong current and there is a spring effect. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this particular move. AS usual in this strong current, as you have to bring back the line for the D Loop, the anchor is set higher and closer as it would be on dead water.

Another reverse cast and its difficulties. Take good care of the D Loop to limit the efforts for your weak forward cast.

Training hints

Without the too strong current it would be a perfect spot for experiencing this cast while you are better to start on the other side of the rivers to train the reverse cast.

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