Good Start movie


What to look at

You can see everybody false casting like crazy to get line out of their fly rod. It’s worse with their spey as they can’t false cast and get line out of their reel as both their hands are holding the rod. As spey is the art of the best usage of a rod, let me show you the easiest, calmest, cleanest way to get the line out.

In the video, you see that I’m just using the stickiness of water to get the line out. First I unreel some line, then put the leader and the little piece of line I have and just dragging in arc, I load the rod to use the famous spring to extract more line. Three or four sweep and I’m ready to cast. It’s one of the best exercise to practise your fine understanding of anchor and rod loading. And you know the better part? You have to start with it.Each time you come to the water. Each time you change of pool. Each time you change your fly line. It will be your skating compulsories. Each time, you’ll start you will have to remember : anchor, loading, balance!

Then I demonstrate the best way to fold your line. As you have a very long leader, at least 1.5 length of rod, if you use the hook ring, the leader will be partly in the ring and that will make it more difficult to get the line out.Place the hook at the higher ring you can reach and flow the line around the body of the reel or the foot.

Last shot shows both of these for a two hand rod.

Training hints

Stay as low on the water as possible, the more line sticks on the water, the easiest it is. Keep a low but steady pace, and keep a tension on the line, the rod must load and if the line is loose, it won’t. Find balance between keeping the line and letting it go.

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