Costs for salmon fishing

App for the river

Programmer by profession, I wrote an app to help fishermen get the most out of their fishing days on the river.

It gives precise and useful details for fly fishing on the sainte-marguerite river in quebec. whether you have already fished for salmon on this river or elsewhere, the app gathers all the information you need with all the pictures and videos. it indicates where to start spinning, the speed of the current, it even reveals the depression where the salmon are (usually) holding. whether you are a beginner or an advanced angler, you will find practical information. click below to access the app stores.

First you need a Canadian salmon fishing licence:

Catch and release

  • Resident of Quebec: $22.64
  • Non-resident: $44.39

Keep a maximum of 4 salmons

NB on Ste-Marguerite river it is only 2 smalls

  • Resident of Quebec: $51.93
  • Non-resident: $166.66

Three-day licence

  • Resident of Quebec: $22.64
  • Non-resident: $44.39

Daily pass

You have to pay for each day on the river. The price depends of the river and the sector.

On the Sainte-Marguerite the price goes from $47 to $67.

  • $47 for the lower quota free
  • $67 for the higher sections and quota of fishermen on each pools (with reservation)