Single Spey Turbo One Hand movie


What to look at

Like in a car, the turbo will boos your cast.  As everybody knows now, isn’t it? Boost your cast can only means one thing load the rod more to get more of the spring power. In the video, I emphasis the little loop at the top of the lift. This loop creates some sort of a slack in the line so the rod speeds up and bumps in the line at the end of the slack. One little loop or a little wave or a Z (some calls this cast the Z Cast) are very enough to give your hand this little turbo effects. You can play with this and make many loops but there is limit at which your hand can speed up on this and there is a danger that you can’t control the anchor.

The other turbo option you have looks like the overhead cast solution. Speed up the line in the rings will load the rod. It’s not that easy to do overhead is somehow harder in spey but as you can see is very doable.

Even if you don’t want to go further, the turbo loop helps greatly at lifting the line.

Training hints

While the Single Spey is the most perfect demonstration of a spey caster, this is the show off cast. Nobody can believe that you can make a few loops without finishing with knots all along.

The very tiny loop is difficult as usual because of the timing. A bigger loop is a lot more easy and it will be easier to refine your skills on bigger loops like Snake Roll which is the grandmother version of it.

If you want to attempt the 3 loops, don’t think that you can move your hand from front to back fast enough to create the 3 loops in different plans. You must create loops which will run along the line to leave space for the next.

Last point, the loop must be done to the interior. If you’re casting right handed, the loop is counter clockwise, so when you finish the loop, you can go up your D Loop starting point.

For double haul, you must tug the first time exactly when the anchor is setting. Early and there will be no anchor. Later it will have no effect. The second tug is at the end of the flick. You can start with only the first one it would be a very good achievement to get it.

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