Switch Cast One Hand Movie


What to look at

Switch cast is the most basic movement of spey casting. Most thinks it is the exact same thing than Single Spey but they’re wrong. The main difference is the theoretical aspect of the cast. You can’t fish with a Switch Cast as you can’t change the destination of the fly. As soon as you rotate to put back the fly upstream it is a Single Spey. That’s the real Switch Cast: a training cast.

In this video, you must look at the three basic steps: lift, D Loop, cast.

The slow-motion and freeze frame help at understand the phases and to show the steady anchor.

Training hints

It is a lot easier to practise this cast on a slower stream. Dead water is not as good as it seems because you always need to roll cast to reset the dangle (the line taken in the current).

First take out the ideal line length and train. Beware of the rod angle. Slow down and take good care of the anchor. Learn to lift slow and steady. Try to find a rhythm. Sing a song to keep always the same tempo.


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