Roll Cast movie


To look at

The most important is to forget all you’ve learned until now! The Roll Cast doesn’t roll the line on the water, You don’t hurry the tip of your rod against the water hoping to create the “spring going down stairs” effect.

Now, look at the truths. You must create a rolling loop of line but in the air.

All the video is dedicated to show you this high rolling loop. It rolls until all the line is straight and horizontal eye level and then you can set it gently on the water. We are not speaking of the weak 10 feet you’re used to. We are speaking of a good 40′ of line rolling like babies at the carnival. More, if you have 40 ‘ of line full of energy rolling high, it will bring with it another 10 or more at the game and you’ll suddenly get a 50’ roll cast!

The third cast is an example of the faulty performance. The line is thrower at the water and goes nowhere. The next one shows a switch cast with all its energy and grace. But for the last one, you must have at least a few feet of space behind the rod. The roll cast is perfect for a better control of the D Loop. You must bring your hand up, ear level. The D Loop is nothing more than the line hanging down from the canted tip but it exists. Then it’s time for the flick: push and at the end flick your wrist. Aim at the clouds. Don’t look down at the water.

In the last shot, from the back, you can see the angle of the rod. It’s a lot more angled down than in overhead mainly for safety.

Training hints

You’ll have plenty of occasions to practise your roll cast. When you arrived on the river and must get your line out. When you bring back your fly. When you have to reposition your line.But each time, you’ll have to roll cast, you must remember to aim high.

The second and not least hint is the word “slow”. In the roll cast there is no energy in the lift. The line is brought back slowly and hang down from the tip. All the energy is found in the forward cast.

Remember to come back to ideal line length.


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