Single Spey One Hand movie


What to look at

Since the first shot, you can see that single spey is the most elegant cast. Even with the strong current, the line is taken of with no glitch. In fact, it is way more difficult than it shows. The single spey is the Grail of spey casting, You must find the right amount of strength to tear the line of water but compensate the rebound or the line will come in a pile at your feet.

In the next shots, I show a progression in casts length. As they get longer, the loop stay tight and the line unroll to its end before landing.

In the third shot and slow motion, look at the V loop which is the most energy version of D loop. But even with all this energy accumulated, the tiny fly keep its anchor. It’s the result of timing and strength balance.

Training hints

Don’t frustrate up! Single spey is the alpha and omega of spey casting. Any cast is some sort of it and it is the solution for all cast.

Start by refining your lift, then finding the right anchor and last styling your forward cast.

Comme je l’ai dit le single spey est le Saint Graal du spey casting. Commencez par pratiquer le switch, c’est-à-dire un single spey sans changement de direction. Sortez la longueur de soie idéale et essayez de trouver le mouvement répétitif qui donne le meilleur résultat. Lorsque vous pouvez répéter plusieurs le même mouvement dans une direction unique, changez de direction d’environ 5°. C’est tout petit, mais c’est un grand pas! Théoriquement, il est possible de faire un changement de direction de 180° mais ce n’est pas pour tout de suite!


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