Z-Cast One Hand movie


What to look at

There are many variations of this name. This one is for me the cast which deserves the best this name. It creates a big Z as you can see and is a real technics as the same title that the C- Cast. Some thinks the wave created in what I call turbo spey, is sufficient to named it Z Cast.

Anyway, look a the video and if you can’t see the Z, I’ll try to find a better name. It’s very close a cast to C Cast as it uses the same space. The difference is in the letter. For the Z-Cast you lift and suddenly bring down your rod tip very fast.This create a surge of energy which lift the rest of the line up the river. It is a little to brutal to be very speyish but it could be of help in difficult conditions.

Training Hints

Muscle up and go into the lions cage. It’s time to whip! Lift as usual and on top whip it up. It’s easy to show as well done the line goes slowly up like a snake. You just need to find the right acceleration and angle.

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