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Group or private session

When I correct for 3 or 4 hours each move of a beginner, I feel somehow negative.I’m a positive type of a teacher and I always enforce the positive part of any criticism but still for a beginner it is all of a beating.

So the question I ask myself: is it the best way?

28 juillet 2012 038 600 x 400Wouldn’t it be more profitable for a beginner to follow a group session. A group session always follows the same pattern: everybody listen the instructor, then each student take his spot and tries to reproduce what he just saw. By experience, that’s the problem. Looking at the cast and practising it are two different things, Until you get the “muscle memory”, your proprioception doesn’t give you the real feedback and you really need external help to hone your cast. You must wait for the instructor to get you indications.

In a private session, the instructor shows the movement and helps you directly to find the right path. Whatever the number of casts needed, you surely enhance your move toward the best. With weariness and lost of attention, you will soon lost again the right path and in a group structure you could lost all of the benefits of the instructors advises.

Honestly, it is more profitable to give a group clinic and easier. Easier because it is cheaper and because you don’t need the same involvement than in a one to one session. I just want to say that if it looks cheaper, it is not really, divide the duration by the number of participants and the hour rate is very expensive.

Finally, I do my best to give the best course for the best price and I think it is the very best solution.