One Hand Spey Casting

Spey fishing is quite new on Quebec’s rivers while it’s a very old technic as old as fly fishing itself.

But spey casting one hand is newer.

One two hand spey rod is fairly expensive from $300 to more than $1500. Add to this a reel, and it must be big, a line and the bill goes at least to $500 and could go up to $2000.

So why not try it by yourselves with your own rod. No new expenses, your regular rod, regular reel and regular line will do the job. Even if, finally, it is a lot more easy to go back to the good old overhead cast, you’ll add so much skills to your casting that everything will be easier. You’ll learn to pick up the line from the water more efficiently, to cast horizontally to pass under bushes or get your sinking line out without any slurp sound. You’ll learn to drive the line without tailing loops and wind knots. You’ll increase your roll cast distance reach.

As all of this is about fishing, you’ll certainly get some more about fishing, about keeping the right speed to your fly, to present it with the right shadow, things you could only do by knowing new ways of casting flies. You’ll find the safety of under the wind casting and many other new aspects you’ll never think of.

Look at the videos and see how it is more fluid and less mechanic than overhead.

Read the description of casts to get a first impression and come to the river to try the real thrill!

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