Overhead Fly Casting

Seasoned caster

Usually to access the next step, most of the fly fishermen need no more than a quick fix. After long hours of fishing, most of us have mastered all of basic moves and, at the same time, developed bad habits. We palliate errors. We bypass obstacles. But at the end, we are frustrated to not be able to reach just a little further.

Two hours with somebody who is used to detect casting errors and find the easiest fix, will give you a greater ease in casting and a better quality of fishing.


On the other hand, if you are a beginner, it is even better. Learning with your cousin, your neighbour or even your friend who know fly fishing but didn’t master it completely neither the teaching. It is the easiest solution and certainly the cheapest (while it could cost a few beers). But for how long will you fight your rod and frighten fishes? Whatever you choose a few hours of quality teaching or a full day on the river to learn casting AND fishing, it will give you a brighter fly fishing future!

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