Double Haul

I watch a video from Mad River Outfitters who just discovered the nail knot to make the line and leader joint and it’s like an interstellar discovery. The supposedly very famous Flip Pallot tells us that the loop-to-loop is the worst solution because it creates a stiff stage in the middle of the line. I can’t say I disagree as I’ve been tying a nail knot for 20 years for this reason. But the docent tone is to die for. So I keep watching videos of the same clowns and I end up on a video about the double Haul and there it is a bunch of nonsense.

The opposite hand would do all the work by bending the tip of the rod.

the 30′ long head bending the tip of the rod, are we dreaming?
reverse the wheel and turn the handle, it’s another reality

And worse when you see them casting with the wrist loops that go in all directions because in addition they turn the rod sideways in the hand. And the comments are of course raving.
Sorry gentlemen, but the double pull has only one purpose: to load the whole rod. If you were to cast correctly, i.e. with a controlled angular displacement in the vertical plane, you would certainly see that this is what the double pull does. Moreover, their double pull is not even continuous, you can see very well that the line loses its tension at every moment and that, consequently, the rod loses all its energy in parasitic movements.
The worst part is that these good people do this all the time. They don’t know casting in its purest form: lift the rod by holding the line in the rod hand, make a backward cast and let the line fly, as it has gained enough power to spin at full speed without the erroneous addition of parasitic pulls.
Far from me to say that the double pull is useless. On the contrary, I advocate turbo casting as much as double-haul, but it is an addition to controlled casting. When an angler is able to manage his line and rod, he can certainly not destroy his cast by this addition that brings power and distance.
As for the line connection which is only of interest for a tiny percentage of anglers who have this finesse to manage the energy all along the line, trying to make anglers, who do not master their rod, believe that they will solve their problems with dubious manipulations.
I didn’t want to put a comment on their site, but to come here and explain, first to myself, how this is all fraudulent.