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Shooting for the RDS show Kalamouche with Alain-François

I had the pleasure of guiding Alain-François and his team in June 2022 to do a discovery program on the Saine-Marguerite River. Very friendly and an excellent fisherman, we had a lot of fun fishing together. Guiding an angler to catch a nice salmon is not easy, you have to manage the qualities and the defects of the angler, his ease to cast more or less far, but also the quality of the fly layers, his stubbornness to cast where there is no salmon despite all my exhortations. But I must say that the pressure of the shooting is infinitely more stressful. Every day Alain-Francois was stripping the daisy hoping to catch a salmon. With him, there was no problem with casting, he hit the bull’s-eye every time, but the expectation of the beautiful catch, both halieutic and cinematographic, was omnipresent.

The cameramen said they had extraordinary shots and I can’t wait to see the result in February.

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