Smartphone app

10 years ago, I wrote a smartphone app, to bring the videos and details to the river. My idea was that if you want to train, you need to bring the reference cast with you. First look at the video and try to reproduce it. After 10 minutes, look at the video again and do your best to follow the advice. And back again.

The app contained all the videos off-line to be sure that you didn’t need cover when on some secret spot far up on the river. I sold quite a few of the app and I really hope it helped many of you.

Then iOS changed, it was fairly difficult to follow along with a simple $1 dollar app. I just rewrote it at the same time I was rebuilding my other fishing app : Dipsy Troller, an app at the complete opposite of the joy of fly fishing but useful for fishermen trolling from boat. The app calculates the length of line needed to reach a the thermocline with 50 different divers like the Dipsy troller.

I have decided to put it for free on iOS App Store and Android Play Store in hope that it will help some of you. I will eventually record new videos the next summer with new point of view and better definition to produce a better sequel of this.